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Please see more information on the Proposal of Application below.

A Proposal of Application Notice is an indication from a developer that they intend to apply for planning permission.  No formal planning application has yet been received by the planning service.

All that is required with a proposal of application notice by the developers (Miller Homes) at this stage is an 'notification' and a plan showing the extent of the proposed application site. Miller Homes have provided the appropriate information in this instance, and have suggested that they will submit an application for approximately 50 houses on the site.

The Planning Service are required to respond with what community consultation is required  to be undertaken (e.g. press advert, neighbourhood meeting, community council meeting, etc) and what detail is required to be submitted with an application, (e.g. drainage details, road construction details, habitat considerations, etc).

The Proposal of Application Notice also places a moratorium on a formal planning application being submitted for 3 months in order that the consultation, information, etc, required can be delivered.  Given that the Proposal of Application Notice was received by the Planning Service on 3 July, this means that no planning application can be received before 3 October 2014.

Can you submit an objection? Given no formal planning application has been received (simply the notice that an application will be forthcoming), the planning service is not legally allowed to accept objections at this point.  However the details of the requirements for public consultation and the formal planning application stage will allow the constituent to make representations/objections at those points should they so wish.

What constitutes a material consideration.  It is very difficult to answer this question, although we are asked often.  It is often easier to say what is not a material consideration (e.g. land property values, health, commercial interests, loss of a view, etc). A good port of call for is the development plan and its guidance notes.  As these often set out the parameters against which planning applications are generally measured and these are in published on the Council's website ( www.eastdunbarton.gov.uk/planning).

Affordable housing is defined as, generally it is defined as housing of a reasonable quality that is affordable to people on modest incomes.  In East Dunbartonshire, this is normally means social rented housing through the council, housing association or a registered social landlord, or shared ownership or share equity housing.  The Council's policy is that a minimum of 25% of houses on sites over 10 units should be affordable in nature.  A useful link for your constituent is the Affordable Housing Guidance Note which sets out the types, methodologies and background to affordable housing. ( http://www.eastdunbarton.gov.uk/pdf/DE%20Planning/DE%20-%20P%20Affordable%20Housing.pdf