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Email to Miller 30.7.14

Dear Jamie Irvine

I am writing to you today with regards to the proposed site to the east of Meadowburn Avenue Lenzie.

Please take this email as notification that there are Bats living in or near this site, they are visible throughout the surrounding area and have been seen by a large number of the local residents. There is also a whole ecosystem of other wildlife such as deer and voles that East Dunbartonshire Council had to relocate during the building of the new road but placed back again. I have also notified East Dunbartonshire Council and Lenzie Community Council of the wild life issues on this site.

As you have now been notified of the wildlife we expect you to carry out all of the bat / wildlife surveys required before any tree felling is carried out on this site.

It is also the opinion of all the residents of the former Nursery Estate that no access can be gained to the site proposed east of Meadowburn Avenue via Meadowburn Avenue Lenzie for the following reasons.

1. It is the opinion of all residents that they have control of the land required to gain access to the proposed site.

2. The title deeds of residents state the land was transferred to them by Miller Homes to remain as amenity ground or wooded areas for the benefit of all residents.

3. Any attempt to gain access to the site at this point would be illegal.

Can you please acknowledge receipt of this email?

I look forward to hearing from you soonest.

Notes from meeting between Alex Laidler (EDC Planning Dept), Alisdair Sinclair (Lenzie South Green Belt) and Liz Ibbotson (Lenzie Community Council) held on Tuesday 29 July 2014

Topic for Discussion - Miller Homes proposal for housing development in Lenzie, adjacent to Meadowburn Avenue

Firstly, Alisdair asked for clarification that all planning applications are passed to the Planning Board for approval.  Alex confirmed that this was the norm but not inevitable.  Alisdair requested that this particularly planning application should not be rubber stamped but passed to the PB for approval.

It was confirmed that no-one had actually seen the up to date Miller proposal which would be available to view at the Planning Application Notification Meeting on 21 August 2014.  There was therefore no indication whether any changes had been made to the initial application which was made in 2011.  However, with a view to highlighting several issues of concern to local residents, the following topics were discussed:

1.        Access to site via Meadowburn Avenue
Of particular concern for the following reasons:

1.1.        Alisdair advised that the ground adjacent to the previous proposed plan was in fact an amenity area which belonged to all the residents of the nursery estate (Meadowburn Ave, Foxes Grove and Craigie Park) - this was subsequently confirmed in an email from Ruth Gordon of EDC Estates Management.  It was unlikely that the residents would allow access this way.  Alex said that if planning permission was given, the onus would be on Miller Homes to take these issues into account and negotiate with residents as appropriate.

1.2.        Road issues  It would be difficult and dangerous for building works vehicles to access the site from Easter Garngaber Avenue due to tight turns and a difficult to negotiate dog leg in Meadowburn Avenue.  This would also apply to the removal of felled trees from the site should this arise.  In addition, the road had been built for domestic traffic and was not sufficiently robust to cope with heavy goods vehicles or the additional traffic from 40 new houses.  Alex advised that the EDC Roads Department would have to be consulted on the suitability of the potential access roads.

1.3.        Child Safety issues  There are many play areas around the site:  end of Meadowburn Ave, patch of grass on Foxes Grove, playpark with entrance adjacent to Meadowburn and direct access to Millersneuk primary school from Easter Garngaber Road.

2.        Proposed alternative access points

2.1.        At footpath which crosses over the link road:  reduce speed limit to 30mph and install traffic lights.  This would allow access to the proposed site and increase safety for residents crossing the road which has been a bone of contention since the road was opened.

2.2.        Via cottage road from Lindsaybeg road.  There is an existing road which was closed when the link road was opened.  It is no longer used as an access road but could be opened as such with the agreement of the people residing in the cottages.  Apparently this land was given to these residents by EDC (legally?) when the road was closed due to the imminent opening of the Link Road.

3.        Environmental impact
3.1.        The site is well populated by birds, roe deer and bats.  A wildlife survey will have to be carried out before a licence can be obtained to fell trees on the site. Alisdair corresponded with Jamie Irvine of Miller Homes re this and access issues on 30 July and received acknowledgement.  Alex advised that EDC has no control over this but was of the opinion that Miller Homes would be unlikely to go ahead with felling trees without the appropriate licence.

3.2.        It was also noted that during the construction of the link road, a colony of water voles was moved to another part of the country.   Might this also be another consideration for the Meadowburn site?

3.3.        The nursery estate is currently shielded from noise from the link road by the wooded area and if these trees were felled the estate would be subject to considerable noise pollution.  Measurement of likely noise pollution needs to be assessed by EDC.

3.4.        Alex advised that there were some trees in the area (eg a mature oak) which could be the subject of a protection order.  Alex to pass contact details to Alisdair of person within ED to whom a proposal for such a protection order should be addressed,.

4.        Suitability of site and number of properties proposed 
4.1.        It was noted from Local Plan 2 that 40 houses could be built although the reporter had recommended "significant scaling back" from original proposal of 46 - surely significant scaling back would mean a reduction of more than 6 (13%)?

4.2.        Has pressure on local amenities been taken into account?  Woodilee phase 2 still to start (400 houses) and station car park and surrounding area already saturated, also Millersneuk primary (nearest) to proposed site already has two completed full P1 classes for the first time in many years.  Lenzie Academy also full to capacity although many student currently come from outwith the catchment area but there could be a problem with the provision of education if the building continues unabated.

4.3.        Transportation:  the additional vehicular traffic has already been addressed here but there is also the question of proximity to public transport,